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Let me guide you through the two and a half days of this battle and bring it to life for you, as the struggle it was, between American soldier and American soldier.

My father was a railroad man and Korea veteran with a high school education, but he had a passionate love of history. I get my love of the subject from him and was lucky enough to be academically trained in the discipline. Remembering my dad, I like nothing better than to show interested people the Chickamauga battlefield.

You may make arrangements for several types of tours...

An all hiking two-day tour,

A combination driving and walking tour where we leave the vehicle and explore significant sectors of the battlefield on foot,

An all driving tour with short walking stops at significant areas,

A horseback tour, providing you have your own horse and can trailer it to the battlefield. Many saddle and trail riding organizations take advantage of that.

As Chickamauga is the largest of the battlefields, it takes me four to five hours to do a comprehensive chronological tour, longer depending on how much walking is involved. Having said that, I will fit a tour to your special interest and time availability. Tours are arranged by appointment so please call or email to schedule your tour.

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Rick Manion not only gives guided tours teaching you about the history of the Civil War and its battlefields but he also does his part to preserve & restore them.



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Header Image - drawing by Alfred R. Waud

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